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About Us

Our Big Sweet Zinny Girl

Big Dog Shopping is operated by a husband and wife team who are parents of big dogs. After years of searching pet stores and online retailers for products fit for our king size puppies, we were simply tired of having to constantly read the fine print and product reviews just to find out the product wasn't adequate for the big doggos.

We wanted a web site just for big dogs featuring only highly reviewed products that had been proven to work with the truly large slobber monsters. We know that there are tons of doggos out there who are even larger than ours, and we want you to feel at home here! Big dog owners want and need products just for their pooches so we made an online resource for huge dogs and the people who love them.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, highly reviewed curated products to owners of big dogs. No more wasted time spent sifting through costumes and ramps only fit for tiny dogs! We read the product reviews and height/weight specifications so you don't have to. If it's on our website, it's for big dogs.

Highly Reviewed

All products listed have an average rating of at least 4 stars

Truly for Big Dogs

All products are researched and actually for large breed dogs

Curated Collection

Products are hand-picked for their usefulness and uniqueness

Frequently Updated

We are always on the lookout for great new products to add

Big Dogs

We read the product reviews and specifications so you don't have to. If it's on our website, it's for large breeds.

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