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Leashboss Short (18 inch) Dog Leash with Padded Handle - For Large Dogs - 1 Inch Nylon

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Leashboss Short Dog Leash for Dog Training | Padded Traffic Handle Short Leash for Dog Training, Total Comfort When Dog Walking | Traffic Leash for Dogs Large, Medium, Small | Short Nylon Dog Lead

  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE: This short dog leash is great for training dogs to walk in heel position. Used by trainers around the world to reinforce positive walking habits, this short traffic leash keeps your dog right by your side in crowded areas or high distraction environments like the Vet’s office. Maintain a comfortable and firm grip on your dog to keep them close when necessary - approaching people, other dogs, cars, trash or food etc.
  • STAY IN COMFORTABLE CONTROL: Our short leash for dog training has an ergonomic handle to keep you in control and keep your pet safe. One inch thick nylon webbing is stitched with high strength poly-bonded nylon thread to be able to withstand even the strongest pulling from dogs, whether small, medium or large breeds. A soft neoprene foam handle ensures maximum grip and control at all times so you can focus more on enjoying time with your dog and less worrying about their safety.
  • OWNER AND PET FRIENDLY: Leashboss short dog leashes are ideal to use as a training leash for people with service animals, or for dog trainers or dog walkers. A heavy duty 360 swivel clip is high quality and durable enough to provide you a safe control of your large breeds, so you never have to worry about it breaking away from your pet’s harness or collar. These short leashes are also excellent to pair with couplers if you are walking more than one dog at once.
  • CHOOSE YOUR IDEAL HANDLE AND LENGTH: Choose between a padded neoprene handle or a solid foam traffic handle depending on your comfort preference. Leash length options range between 12” and 30” depending on the level of control you need over your dog. Shorter leashes work great for larger dogs, while longer leashes are good for smaller dogs. These measurements are end to end, including hardware.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH THE BOSS PROMISE: As a leading US-based Pet brand, we take pride in our products and stand strongly behind them. While we’re confident your leash will stand up to the most rigorous wear and tear, we’re glad to maintain the Boss Promise - a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that protects you against defects, chewed leashes, and other product issues.

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